End Cruel 4-H Programs

Join Us: Call for 4-H to end their deadly Animal Ag programs.
End Cruel and Deadly Animal Ag Programs

Tell 4-H Council to Show Some Heart

Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott just gave $50 million to the 4-H Council…   

And now, even more children will raise animals for slaughter, more children will become desensitized to animal suffering, and more people will be fed dangerous lies about how farmed animals are raised.   

We’re calling on the 4-H Council to use this windfall to transform the way they guide children, and the way they treat animals.   

End Cruel and Deadly Animal Ag Programs. Go all in to support cruelty-free programs and live up to your mission.

Jennifer Sirangelo, 4-H Council President & CEO   

Today you are teaching children to raise animals to be sold and eaten. Children learn to treat other living things as commodities. They learn to kill and not to care.   But it doesn’t have to be this way. By showing children to treat animals with love, dignity, care, and respect, you’d change their hearts. You’d improve their health. They’d learn to use their heads, and their hands, for good instead of harm. 

Please, 4-H Council, stop perpetuating cruelty to animals. Put an end to all your deadly animal ag programs. 

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