Ban Painful Dehorning

Join Us: Call for change to prevent pain and suffering of baby cows.
Stop disbudding and dehorning calves and cows


Cows are meant to have horns. They are part of their bodies, like our arms and legs are part of ours.


But millions of times each year, calves and cows have their natural horns forcibly removed from their skulls — using saws, knives, and chemicals — often with no anesthetic. This is violent, needless, and cruel.

The reason? Big Ag does this to crowd more animals together for more profit.

Instead, give cows and calves more space, and more humane treatment, and let them keep their horns. Believe us, it works!

Please join Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in calling on the American Association of Bovine Practitioners to stop this needless mutilation of innocent animals. Let cows have their horns and their dignity.  

Pat Gordon, AABP President,  

I am writing in opposition to the practice of disbudding and dehorning calves and cows. This violent and cruel practice causes pain and trauma to innocent animals and is an affront to decency. I am calling on you to demonstrate your responsibility as veterinarians to the well-being of animals by banning this practice. 

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